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TCSWAT 10th Anniversary Award

TCSWAT is proud to announce its 10th anniversary award winners!

As usual I have tabulated the winners list manually. So, if you are a winner and not listed below, please accept our sincere apologies and contact me with your log. I will check and add you immediately.

There were many hams who have contacted us in a single mode on five bands, one band less than required for an award. I felt really sorry for not being able to issue an award for these friends, because if we were one of the award chasers we would be in a similar position: Working in a single mode made things really difficult. I have to admit, all of our operators are mainly single mode (either cw or phone), although some of us work digital from time to time. So, I would like to congratulate all those who have managed to contact us on five bands. That was a great achievement folks!

As for the award winners, I would like to say a special "thank you" to DL1HRN, who has always been a dedicated follower of our special events. His 12 bands/modes achievement shows his dedication very cleary. Hope to see you again at the Messe, Juergen.

I would also like to thank TA1CM, Mehmet. He is the ONLY award winner from Turkey. I wish there were more Turkish hams active on HF bands. :(

Award winners, please bear in mind that I will be sending the awards in due time. They need to be prepared individually. So please be patient while I get them ready. In the meantime, please update your e-mail address at (or send me a current one).

Many thanks again to all that have contacted us during our special events. Hope to meet you again on the air.

de Bekir TA2RX
TCSWAT Awards Manager


  • DL1HRN: 12 bands/modes
  • OK1APV: 11 bands/modes
  • R9XM: 11 bands/modes
  • DL1MDU: 10 bands/modes
  • G0JEI: 10 bands/modes
  • OK1AY: 10 bands/modes
  • CT1EDJ: 9 bands/modes
  • DH1PAL: 9 bands/modes
  • DK9QD: 9 bands/modes
  • DL1NKS: 9 bands/modes
  • DL3RHN: 9 bands/modes
  • DL9JON: 9 bands/modes
  • E77O: 9 bands/modes
  • S51AP: 9 bands/modes
  • DF3TE: 8 bands/modes
  • ES1IP: 8 bands/modes
  • ES2TT: 8 bands/modes
  • OH3GZ: 8 bands/modes
  • OK2PAY: 8 bands/modes
  • RA4UAT: 8 bands/modes
  • W1AW: 8 bands/modes


  • DF5AN
  • DL1BYL
  • DL1SWN
  • DL1WH
  • DL4MNG
  • F4FLF
  • G4BUE
  • LY2C
  • OK1ANN
  • OK1KRJ
  • UA1CE
  • UT7AW


  • DJ8VC
  • DK4FP
  • DL1DTL
  • DL1SVI
  • DL2SWN
  • DL3NSM
  • EA2DT
  • EA2WD
  • EA5HT
  • EA7ST
  • EB5CS
  • F5IDJ
  • F5LMJ
  • F5UKW
  • HB9ELE
  • IK0CHU
  • IZ0COI
  • IZ1BII
  • LY2MM
  • PA3AKE
  • RA3LDP
  • RW3DKK
  • RX1CV
  • S54A
  • TA1CM
  • UA3GT9
  • UR4MF
  • UR5IRM
  • UY0CA
CW Mode Winner: UA1CE (7 bands)
SSB Mode Winner: DL1BYL (6 bands)
BPSK31 Mode Winner: F4DJM (3 bands)
FM Mode Winners: -
10m Band Winner: G0JEI (4 modes)
12m Band Winner: DK4FP, IZ1JKH, VE1DX (4 contacts in 2 modes)
15m Band Winner: ES2TT (3 modes)
17m Band Winner: DL2SWN, DL6ATM, LY2MM, RW6LZ (3 contacts in 2 modes)
20m Band Winner: DL1NKS (7 contacts in 2 modes)
30m Band Winner: -
40m Band Winner: UX5UW (4 contacts in 2 modes)
80m Band Winner: -
160m Band Winner:v -

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, TCSWAT will be working the special callsign TC10SWAT throughout 2014 and will be issuing a new award.

In addition, special awards will be issued to stations working the

However there will be only one winner for each of the additional awards.
If there are more than one stations with equal number of points for a specific band ore mode award, the station with the highest number of QSOs will get the award.

The award will normally be delivered by e-mail in pdf format in 2015 and there will be no charge for it.
If you prefer to receive it in paper format, then there will be a fee of 5 Euros to cover the costs.

Same rules apply to SWLs with one addition: No copy&paste qso info from dxcluster, please! You wil have many chances to hear us on the air, be patient and LISTEN!! DXCluster hunting is no good for eligibility!

Awards in pdf format will be sent to the winners' e-mail addresses recorded at or
If your address in these sources are invalid, you are recommended to update it as soon as possible.
You can apply by sending an e-mail to or